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Western Janitorial Service, Inc. is the leading provider of janitorial services throughout the West Texas and Southern New Mexico area, offering a wide range of services including janitorial, security, parking, landscape, maintenance and construction. The Western Janitorial Service, Inc. subsidiaries are organized by trade expertise and reach our customers coast to coast with our construction clean projects. Since 1981 Western Janitorial Service, Inc. has evolved from a small specialty janitorial service into a major diversified building construction and maintenance janitorial service company. Western Janitorial Service, Inc. is a leading provider of janitorial services, offering a wide range of services, including:

Construction Cleaning

Western Construction Cleaners Group has offered detailed construction cleaning services worldwide for the past 33 years.


Commercial Cleaning

Outsourcing of building maintenance functions is the new normal, and Western Janitorial Service, Inc. is a viable partner with a proven track record of quality service and janitorial management.

Floor Cleaning

Our floor maintenance/cleaning crews are known for speed and reliability. They're well-trained and well-versed in the latest flooring materials and construction.

Windows Cleaning

Western Janitorial Service, Inc. is a leader in providing high rise window cleaning with the following services.

Medical Cleaning

Western Janitorial Service, Inc. has a 33 year history in maintaining medical offices, hospital facilities and surgery rooms, health departments and outpatient clinics.


Grounds Cleaning

A significant number of retail clients look to Western Janitorial Service, Inc. to meet their specialized individual needs.

Speciality Cleaning Combined With Zone Cleaning

El Paso's Superior Cleaning Solutions Specialist

Since the inception of commercial cleaning companies, the standard method of cleaning was to assign a custodian to a specific zone or area. The custodian was assigned every task necessary to clean the area assigned, including vacuuming, detailed dusting, collecting and throwing our the trash, sweeping and mopping, rest room cleaning and more.

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The Light Duty Specialist

no longer empties trash, vacuums, sweeps, and mops, nor cleans rest rooms. The single responsiblity is cleaning desks and dusting throughout the facility.

The Vacuum Specialist

has no other significant duties other than vacuum. By use of a light back pack with different cleaning tools, a specialist is able to vacuum a specific quadrant with greater results, in a much faster time frame. The method of vacuuming leaves fewer particulates in the air, and is proven to be more effective for vacuuming near baseboards and corners.

The Restroom Specialist

only cleans and disinfects restrooms. By focusing on a single area of responsibility, the cleaner is evaluated only in their area of expertise. Instant feed back and correction is easier as a single person is responsible for a checklist of items to be cleaned.

The Trash Specialist’s

primary function is to collect and dispose of the trash in their particular quadrant, or in smaller buildings all of trash throughout the building. Once again complete accountability is easy to reconcile.

The Utility Specialist

primarily deals with assigned project work, such as carpet cleaning and stripping and re-coating of tile floors. Additional fucntions can include project work such as cleaning interior glass, cleaning stairwells, distribution of supplies, and assisting the other team members.

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