Western Janitorial Service, Inc. has an over 40 year history in maintaining medical offices, hospital facilities and surgery rooms, health departments and outpatient clinics.

Our entire system of medical cleaning emphasizes proper disinfecting, sanitation and disposal in all areas from the lobby to the operating room. We are also experienced in “Terminal Cleanings” requiring the most extensive disinfecting and sanitizing possible.

We rigidly follow the requirements for HIPAA, OSHA, Blood-borne Pathogens, and other required programs. Our clients are assured of confidentiality and safety at all of our medical facilities.

💚 Our Green Cleaning Program ensures that all chemicals and cleaning processes are the safest in the industry. 💚

Western Janitorial Service, Inc. is a leading provider of janitorial services, offering a wide range of services, including:

  • Janitorial service
  • Parking lot sweeping, coating and striping
  • High rise window cleaning
  • Specialty floor applications

Outsourcing of building maintenance functions is the new normal, and Western Janitorial Service, Inc. is a viable partner with a proven track record of quality service and janitorial management.

It is estimated that janitorial services consume up to thirty percent of a facility’s operating budget. Whatever the size of the facility the cost is significant. Western Janitorial Service, Inc.’s well established janitorial service process allows the efficient delivery of industry-leading service to customers of any size, from a modest one person office to a high rise building employing dozens of custodians. We take great pride in our ongoing commitment to quality.


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