Western Construction Cleaner Group provides a team of cleaning specialists, estimators, trained office construction personnel and a national reputation for quality and bringing all of our projects in on time. This ensures that all of our national general contractor clients deal with team members that are experienced in clean up projects, and best of all no surprises or disappointments.

Our Professional Construction Cleaning Management Nationwide is a Highly Specialized Process Offering:

We have highly experienced Field Project Managers that remain on site during the duration of the project, and can add cleanup hourly personnel on demand. Our Project Managers are available 24/7 from start to completion, and conduct regular safety tool box meetings along with daily hazard analysis submissions.

Western Construction Cleaners Group has offered detailed construction cleaning services worldwide for over 40 years. Our Site Managers are available to meet onsite anywhere in the world as part of our Contract and Temporary Labor Service. Our process of providing a timely fixed price contract estimate along with detailed cleaning specifications and pricing of temporary labor enables the General Contractor to project the total cost of the construction cleanup pricing very early in the process. We also offer a preliminary pre-bid not to exceed estimate enabling the contractor to budget the project at start up.


El Paso Construction Cleaning Services: Setting the Benchmark

In the bustling construction landscape of El Paso, post-construction cleanup is a crucial aspect that often determines the final presentation of a project. Western Janitorial Service stands out as the premier choice for El Paso Construction Cleaning Service, ensuring that every construction site is transformed into a spotless masterpiece, ready for occupancy.

Our team of cleaning specialists, estimators, and trained office construction personnel have garnered a national reputation for quality, punctuality, and unparalleled expertise. This ensures that all of our national general contractor clients deal with team members who are seasoned in cleanup projects, guaranteeing a smooth transition from construction chaos to pristine perfection, with no surprises or disappointments.


Why Choose Western Janitorial Service, Inc.?

Our El Paso Construction Cleaning Service is not just about cleaning; it’s a highly specialized process that offers:

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When it comes to El Paso TX Construction Cleaning Service, Western Janitorial Service is the premier Construction Cleaner Group to trust. With our blend of expertise, dedication, and a passion for what we do, we promise not just cleanliness but a construction site transformation that sets the foundation for success. Contact us today and follow us on social media to stay updated! 

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Our highly experienced Field Project Managers remain on-site for the project's entirety, ensuring every detail is attended to. Available round the clock, they conduct regular safety toolbox meetings and daily hazard analysis submissions, ensuring a safe and efficient cleanup process.

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